Clamping devices for industrial workpieces must be easy and practical to use. Matrix® has developed an innovative and novel clamping device with which production parts in mechanical and automotive engineering can be quickly moved without downtimes

With the PushCorp power control units and Servo spindles the variations that may occur on your parts can be toleratrated and the ease of use and programming, allows you to reach the desired result in many different applications from assembly to deburring, from sanding to polishing. With the stable and maximum torque and force that is supplied between 0-15000rpm, requested surface quality can be achiavailable by Pushcorp servo spindles.

Special Solutions

Friction Stir Welding
3D Assembly
Laser Marking


Pointech is a new generation innovation company that specializes in Robotic Automation, Custom design machinery Solutions and Unmanned Production Technologies, and realizes the technological developments required by factories with turkey project services.

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